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          How to select a right insert for a range hood

          Q: I decided to have my range hood customized for my own insert. What size of the insert do I need to buy?

          A1: Rustica House metal range hoods are made of iron frame covered with metal. It means the dimensions inside the hood are about two inches smaller than its exterior. Most manufacturers offer inserts 24, 36, 42, 48, 54, 60 and 66 inch long. The insert width needs to be one size smaller from the range hood width.

          A2. We customize the range hoods for insert width and depth only, not for the insert height. Keep in mind the hood shape and height when shopping for the insert so its dimensions correspond with the hood height, walls shape and height.

          36" hood - 24" insert
          42" hood - 36" insert
          48" hood - 42" insert
          52" hood - 48" insert
          60" hood - 54" insert

          Q: What about the insert height, some hood models have curved walls and it is possible that the insert is not going to fit inside the hood?

          A1: You have two choices. Use a model that is only 6 inches tall.

          A2: Buy a model with side walls positioned at about 45 degree angle making them easily adaptable for all kinds of hood shapes.

          A3: Some hood designs may require not only customizing the hood interior for the insert installation but also modifying the insert itself in order to install it inside the hood.

          Q: What range hood insert brands do you suggest?

          A: As a copper, iron and zinc hood manufacturer we cannot recommend any third party equipment as it is buyer's personal preference. It depends on kitchen specific needs for ventilation strength called CFM, light filter configuration, extra gadgets and of course price.

          Q: What ventilation equipment brands are commonly used by Rustica House buyers?

          A: We receive most requests for customizing our hoods for Vent-a-Hood and Broan brands. Both manufactures make their equipment in various shapes, sizes and CFM capacity.

          Q: How the insert can be mounted inside the hood?

          A1: If you choose customizing the hood for your insert, we will prepare the chassis to mount the insert inside the hood taking into the account insert width and depth only. The horizontal space between the hood and the insert will be filled up with metal finished with the same patina as the rest of the hood.

          A2. If the hood you are ordering has low height you may not be able to install a taller insert inside the hood. You will need either to replace the insert for a different model or modify it at your own cost to fit in inside the hood.

          A3: Most insert manufacturers offer special hardware for filling up the space between the hood edges and their insert. It is usually made of stainless steel.

          range hood insert guidelines

          IMPORTANT: If you provide incorrect insert model number and after the range hood is delivered realize the hood wasn't customized for the insert you have you will not be eligible for return nor refund. For further explanation see our buyer seller agreement paragraph 9b concerning customized products.

          The above guidelines are meant for: